Terms of Trade - Ready Lawn


Acceptance Form

  • On the following basis and agree that the terms and conditions sent or on readylawn.co.nz of the contract have been read and form part of this agreement.
  • Terms of Payment

  • Payment is due within 7 days of receiving the invoice or by arrangement with the Readylawn team.
    *Direct debit/ Internet banking (bank detail on invoice/statements) *Visa /Mastercard
    All overdue invoices will incur interest charges, refer to terms and conditions.
  • As part of our contract, we wish to protect our staff from accidents and our customers from potential damage to persons or property. Please describe the hazards below and note the person on site who will liaise with staff.
  • Unless otherwise arranged a deposit invoice for 50% of the project cost will be sent and must be paid before your project starting.
    Please make sure you read over our Terms and Conditions of trade. Click the "Download print version" below to view the Terms and Conditions of trade.

Terms of Trade

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