Each Readylawn location has crafted a specific blend ideally suited to each local condition.

Contact your local supplier for specifics.

Basic common blends are:

Stadium – The back Yard lawn

Our best hard-wearing lawn, which contains a fine-turf type Rye grass.

  • Mow with a rotary or reel mower
  • Excellent wear resistance and damage repair
  • Perfect for high activity areas, kids and pets
  • Medium drought resistance
  • Perfect for sports grounds, berms, and creches

Superfine – The General lawn

Superfine has 2 grass types, Browntop and Fescue. These compliment each other, showing a lovely soft fine texture.
One of the best all-round turf lawns.

  • Good wear characteristics
  • Medium drought tolerance
  • Prefers reel mower with weekly mowing in summer
  • Can be groomed to perfection

Fescue – The Connoisseur’s Lawn

The finest textured grass available, showing a uniform lush deep green colour.

  • Can be maintained completely weed-free of broadleaf and grass weeds including poa annua
  • Slower-growing
  • Mow with reel or well set rotary
  • Performs best if scarified each year

Tall Fescue – (Auckland Only)

The leaf texture of Tall Fescue is rather coarse compared to other turf grasses. This means that it stays greener in dry summer periods & tolerates higher temperatures. This variety is now a rhizomatous tall fescue. This enables it to repair itself if it is damaged for any reason.

  • Improved wear tolerance
  • Need less water than rye grasses
  • Rhizomatous and will recover easily from any setback
  • Coarser leaf than rye grasses
  • Medium to dark colour

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