Readylawn Installation Steps

If perennial weeds are a problem, spray with Roundup or Buster and then leave the area for about 3 weeks.

Cultivate the lawn area thoroughly to 100-150mm, and roughly level. Add soil if necessary. If your soil is of poor quality, consult your Readylawn supplier for advice.

Consolidate the area by heeling (not rolling). Rake to desired levels and to a smooth surface. Allow 12mm (1/2 inch) below paths etc. for your Readylawn.

Apply a good starter fertiliser (Readylawn’s pre-lay fertiliser is best). Rake in and moisten soil if dry. Roll out the Readylawn, butting the strips tightly together. In hot conditions, water the lawn as soon as it is laid.

Water until Readylawn is wet through. Tamp or lightly roll whilst still moist. Trim the edges.

Keep well watered for first three weeks until the Readylawn is established, then water normally.



It’s best to order your Readylawn for delivery after the soil
is prepared for immediate installation. Try to avoid leaving
Readylawn rolled up, as it will begin to deteriorate.