Artificial Grass

Are you tired of constantly having to maintain your lawn? Look no further than our artificial grass and installation services. We are experts in providing top-quality synthetic grass that looks and feels just like the real thing. Whether you have a small backyard or a large commercial space, we can supply and install the perfect astroturf solution for your needs.

Experience the benefits of a beautiful, lush green lawn without the hassle of mowing, watering, or fertilizing. Say goodbye to mud, bugs, and weeds and hello to a stunning, low-maintenance artificial grass landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Life Series Artificial Grass 2artificial grass collection - fake grass - astro turf - Readylawn nz


Readylawn Life Series Artificial Grass has created the most real to life turf available in New Zealand. Not only does it look the part and add value to your home it also feels like natural grass underfoot, all without impacting on your water consumption.

Whether you call it artificial, synthetic, fake grass or astroturf we can supply and install it for you. 

Our landscaping ranges need no mowing, look manicured all year round, drain and wear better than natural grass, reduce nuisance insects, are easy to clean and child and pet friendly.

All landscape products are ideally suited to the New Zealand environment and the selection of the turf best suited to a landscape is generally down to personal preference. For commercial, or high traffic environments talk to your local Readylawn supplier about the best options available.

Visit our showroom for free samples and to view our show lawn.

Also, see our natural grass

Artificial Grass & Lawn Projects – Images

Landscaping Artificial Grass

Premium 35mm

Readylawns best selling deeper green turf, 35mm pile. Comes in a 4m OR 2m roll so less joins.  A perfect landscape turf for all environments, soft under foot, but hard wearing too.

Elite Artificial grass
Supreme Artificial Grass

Supreme 25mm

Readylawns very popular shorter length turf that still looks natural. Ideal for all landscape applications and meets a price point. Perfect for dog runs, and utility areas

Windsor 35mm

Urban Windsor has a lush 35mm pile giving a lush real lawn look.

Using state of the art UV protected polyethylene multifilament yarn provides a durable and hassle free lawn. Suitable for commercial and landscape applications.

Ascot artificial grass collection - fake grass - astro turf - Readylawn nz
Windsor artificial grass collection - fake grass - astro turf - Readylawn nz

Prestige 40mm

A “real lawn” look is created by the dense two tone weave. A prestige surface that is perfect for large area residential or commercial gardens. The 40mm blades of grass create a freshly mowed look, thick and lush underfoot, with a slightly browner colour constancy to suit many desires.

Test Pitch

A great turf suitable for a cricket pitch, providing consistent bounce performance. The yarn is heavily UV protected and built to withstand the harsh climatic conditions. A dense but very short pile of 9mm designed specifically for cricket at every playing level. Recommended for cricket clubs, schools, council parks and indoor centers for both main and practice wickets. Popular and long lasting.

Test Pitch Artificial Grass
Pro Serve Artificial Grass

Pro Serve

Ideal for a residential and intermediate club level competition. It’s spin and grip qualities are excellent for home and medium level club installations. The fibrillated and textured quality fibre offers excellent durability and requires little maintenance. Easily installed over existing surfaces we provide colour options and line markings integrated during manufacture and installation processes

True Putt

The surfaces in our golfing range have been designed to create a fast, firm surface perfect for putting practice or club installation.
Our golfing surfaces can be found installed as a putting green in residential gardens, on professional club courses and also at mini-golf courses.
Contact the office for a free quote to install your own putting green

True Putt Artificial Grass

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